Welcome to Highbrow Learners

Highbrow Learners, an academy that will help children and adults to develop their skills in various categories. This Academy develops fun with learning among children from ages 4 years to 16 years and is a skill enhancement and improve their skill-sets in high speed calculation, concentration, photographic memory, focus, persistence, visualization, cognitive skills, balanced usage of right & left brain, neat and legible writing, patience, determination etc.

Why Highbrow Learners?

  • Get Training by Qualified Teachers

  • Get Attractive Offers

  • Online classes available for Cubes training only for age groups 20 and above

  • Teacher Training + Recruitment is also included for 20 and above


ABout us

Welcome to Highbrow Learners, an academy that is an integral part of Brisk Kids Academy. It was founded by Mrs. Sarika Chitlangia in 2013. With her hard work and focus, she was able to establish such an academy that gives a platform to children and adults for their development by doing several activities.



Our Courses

Mid-Brain Activation

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Rubik’s Cube

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