Rubik’s Cube could be a 3-D combination puzzle fabricated in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and faculty member of design Ernő Rubik. Originally referred to as the Magic Cube. As of January 2009, 350 million cubes are sold worldwide, creating it the World’s top-selling puzzle game.
The World Cube Association organizes competitions often and maintains official world records. The Guinness Book of World Records conducted the first World Championship in the metropolis in 1981 and also the official winner Jury Froeschl solved the puzzle in thirty-eight seconds. Since then it continues to be widespread and also the record time to unravel has unbroken rising. Recently the globe record for average time per solve was set at the Australian Nationals 2012, with a 7.53-second average solve time

Types of Rubik's cube

2X2 Cube

Age Groups :- 7 years and above

3x3 cube

Age Groups :- 7 years and above

4x4 CUBE

Age Groups :- 10 years and above

5x5 Cube

Age Groups :- 10 years and Above

Mirror Cube

Age Group :- 10 years And Above

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